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WordPress-Upgrade Or You Will Regret

 wordpress hackedJust found a post that reveal a bug in wordpress query that any users can find your upcoming post, even you don’t publish it yet. You can see this as an example.

Problogger new post that not been publish yet. Hat tip to CybernetNews, you can find the solution from this post.

It is such a big deal? Yes if you are really take up your every post is a quality one or if you like a Problogger, would you let anyone see your draft post or even rip off your article?

I don’t think my readers will be so dumb ass to let this happen for their precious blogs. They are so many splogs out there waiting to rip off your content and make them look like they write original content while we copier them. That’s totally f*#@ and this will never happen to mine. I will.



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