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OIO Publisher PlugIn-Tool To Keep 100% Blog Profit

Take control today

Introducing the OIOPublisher WordPress plugin. This amazing piece of software takes away all of your advertising dilemmas. No longer a slave of the big cooperation advertising machine, you can now actually get targeted traffic that hits the spot, from the people that visit your blogs because they know what they’re looking for. In this niche market we all have created, the advertisers know exactly what they want and we can now help they to find just what they need. Your advertising space!

OIOPublisher works. 24/7

We can now rest assured that even when we’re asleep, any advertiser that’s looking to buy ad space with us is being served. The fully automated system lets them upload their banners, input their links and request the sponsored reviews without us having to touch a button. The process for payment is also fully automated, and as soon as PayPal verifies a payment, a banner gets queued and all you need to do is click on approve when you wake up so the banner goes live! The OIOPublisher plugin keeps track of when a banner or link was published and just before the time frame of the purchase ends, it will automagically notify the advertiser via email if they’d like to renew their advertising. If not, the banner or link will expire, and a slot will open up instantly for a new advertiser to jump on the bandwagon.

We’d love to go into the details of how the OIOPublisher plugin works, but its simply too much for one blogpost, the possibilities to customize the system to your needs are overwhelming at first, but as soon as you’ve figured it out, there’s no way you’ll want to use anything else ever again for your ad sales.

So for whoever is still reading this, just to find out how much all this will cost you; No more than $37! This gives you the right to use the plugin on as many blogs as you hown, there’s no limit!To top it off, OIOPublisher is using it’s own affiliate system and will pay you 50% of all sales that you can make! We know, it’s insane. The amount of wordpress plugins out there that are 5 times more expensive and can do 10 times less is unbelievable. We consider the one time fee of $37 a tip. Not a payment. Get your OIOPublisher plugin now and start earning your money for yourself and nobody else!



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