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Possiblities Of The Approaching 2008

It just so damn interesting to look at what web had been develop during 2007. But unfortunately, it doesn’t innovate so much since 2005. And I’m a bit boring to wait how far the web could go and expand for the future.

Mp3 players, LCD, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, iPhone, and other gadgets also not bring to much excitement. Only just a little improvement rather than innovation. Should I be excited because yet another Mp3 player has been launched or some 10 megapixels digital camera that attached to the phone?

I’m just not seeing things that could change the world..yet. But maybe it still up there.Unheard.Technology purpose is to improve upon our lives and make things better,easier.

Tech isn’t going to solve all the world’s problems. But it could be a greater tool for us.My hope is, if there will be new products in the market, I want it really new.Not just copycat of cheap imitations of best selling products out there.


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