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Gokita Should Be Nobita Instead!

Nufflets re-branded to Gokita.What a lame name it is.I had to blink my eyes twice to assure that the brand was true.And definitely it’s true.

The reason of change is to give the 4th advertising local company network an original and unique identity, avoiding being related directly or indirectly with their rivals, Advertlets, Nuffnang and GrabMyAds.

But IMHO, they should think a better name for it first before they launched it.Otherwise, he can name it whatever he want but Nabil, if you want to re-brand after this, you should consider my suggestion..Nobita.And seriously, you must all out man.Do more and more advertising, recruit web developer, programmer, designer soon to make over the whole site to look more better.

And of course, switch to your own ad script.That will be better. Otherwise, your development for the adscript can be sold to others if you had built one.I’m sorry Nabil, should be more impressive.


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nufflets logoAnother online advertising network has been launched in Malaysia — Nufflets, a contextual advertising network targeted to Asia market that offers Cost-Per-Click text based advertising.

“Nufflets” is like a kind of combination of the others two advertising company in Malaysia, Nuffnang and Advertlets. Based on Cost-Per-Click(CPC) basis, you only get paid if ypu ads get a click. As what they state, Nufflets applies a 50% revenue share and your share will be increased based on your website performance.

You also can use AdSense and Nufflets on the same web page, as long as the Nufflets ad format is significantly different from AdSense ads. They use USD currency to received and make payments. They were only a minimum $ 50 to reach to make you eligible to get a cheque.

Also they state that they want to be “Asia’s Online Advertising Network”, only 6 Asia’s country currently be accepted which they were Malaysia, SIngapore,Japan, Australia, Thailand and China. The requirement to be their publisher was you blog must be able to generate 3000 pageviews per month and not using free blog domain like, or etc. 

Okay, the honest part from me, I wonder why they choose Nufflets that combining Nuffnang and Advertlets rather that be creative to pick another name. Could be more creative to differentiate their brand though.

Excluding the websites without own domain name also it’s a high paying risk to overcome since mostly in Asia’s, they were to many popular and most traffic blog’s are from free blog services and currently, Asia’s community in free blog services are to good to be excluded. But, the 3000 pageviews per month is acceptable as 100 pageview per day would not be a critical factor to reach by the publisher.

It’s important to achieve enough advertisers for Nufflets to be one of the succesful or thet, they will running out of cash and go into the deadpool. My suggest firstly, to the Nufflets team or who ever that already intend to do like them, it’s a high paying risk.

IMHO, Nufflets should capture basic thung first. The idea was, to grab a high profile publishers in their network first. Or in a simple phrase, is to make a good network under them like Weblogs Inc, Happy People Media, that could encourage advertisers to serve their ads with them, rather than buying a script and get it done.It’s a hard way to do so.

But, it’s not impossible to make through this if their already pasionnate to what they want to do. It’s important to team up with already famous bloggers or publishers and also had a hefty budget for their advertisement. From what they had done now, I would not say anything and I’m targeting 6 months from now to make a prediction about them rather towards their success of failures.


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Advertlets Into The DeadPool?

What happen to Advertlets? They was one of the leading advertising company in Malaysia and also Singapore, but then had their own domain name expired? How this could be?The was something wrong with going around.

advertlets down


Every Advertlets publisher facing a problem that when user come to their site, they will be redirect to other pages.This problem take on this day and the solution is to remove the code from your blog.

By the way, I had contacted Josh Lim about that but the answer are not convincing me at all.He said that they was a slight problem with Advertlets right now. Be my guess, I taught they was running out of money at all, and could be the possibilities the problem came from the insider.

But what happened today for Advertlets seriously could kill their brand even if they come back.So, Advertlets will be in the deadpool, at least now.But even Josh Lim Advertlets wreck up right now, he also will feature at the Star Education Fair 2008 on Jan 12, when he speaks on animation graphics during the education and career talk on “Exploring Options in the ICT World”. While bloggers struggles to get their blog up again, this super duper cool CEO nicely featured in The Star – Then forget to renew the domain

Anyway,here is the link for the news.

*update: Josh Lim had bring a news that you can see below:

We’ll be back shortly! As mentioned there was a complication with the domain, and we are working to resolve it. Its working partially now in some areas.

So,as you might be thinking right now, they were not at the deadpool yet, but could this issue be forget by their publishers? So Josh Lim, they will be a hard time for you guys at the Advertlets, but I’m sure you could make it through.


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A Reality Of Blogging You Must Know

cat blogging

Blogging is fun, easy and a great way to meet others and become a part of a wonderful, growing community.But, before you begin though, there are a few things you should know.

1) It Takes A Lot Of Hardwork Than You Think

– Unless you just create up a personal blog, it just takes a bit. But if you intend to make money with it, you just came into a False Hope Zone. More than 90% of the bloggers create a blog to make money. But then you must realize that it not as easy as you might think and it even horror dream for new blogger.

Some of them had fail to establish themselves and mostly been wipe out in the blog arena after 1 years because they had fail to achieve their dream. But don’t take it as a serious advise as you can blog to make money(if you intend so) if you had a proper plan what you are going to blog.

You’ll have to get out there and do a bit of shameless self promotion. It’s not enough to post and wait. Your content has to be optimized for search and you’ll want to drive others to your site. You’ll have to visit other blogs and forums and pimp the heck out of your blog without being spammy and annoying.

2) Traffic Will Kill You Fast Enough

-Traffic didn’t come easily unless you had a hefty budget to advertise at others established bloggers like Shoemoney,Problogger, John Chow & Cow, or even at Techcrunch if you dare to put $10,000 away. Sure from this, you will get famous soon enough but what is the reward you get?

Unless you are promoting a product or services, advertising like that might help you a lot but if you just creating a blog, this is a hell you must avoid. Advertising is the proper but expensive way to get famous and if you dare, you might be walking like a champ and if you fail, you just running like a chimp anyway.

If you’re brand new to blogging and think you’ll have hundreds of visitors in the first week, even in the first few months, you couldn’t be more wrong. It takes time, patience and trust to build up an audience. It’s not enough to sit back and hope they show up.

3) Revenue Will Takes Time

-If you think you can make a gazillion dollars right after you make the first post, you already in the mouth of shit hole. It’s a day dreamers way to think like that. Some of popular bloggers like John Chow takes 1 year to made it profitable. And for me, it took about 4 months just to get my first $1.

If you don’t have enough traffic, you will not have the money.Period. Build your readership, get traffic first, then you can monetize your blog. As my experience state that 1000 unique visitors per-day must be your first goal to achieve if you want to monetize your blog.


If you’re serious about blogging, you can do very well, but don’t jump into it blind. Do your research. Learn how to optimize your content and drive traffic to your blog. Research the different ways in which you can montetize your blog and work on building up a community. The people who take the time to do it right are the ones who do well.


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OIO Publisher PlugIn-Tool To Keep 100% Blog Profit

Take control today

Introducing the OIOPublisher WordPress plugin. This amazing piece of software takes away all of your advertising dilemmas. No longer a slave of the big cooperation advertising machine, you can now actually get targeted traffic that hits the spot, from the people that visit your blogs because they know what they’re looking for. In this niche market we all have created, the advertisers know exactly what they want and we can now help they to find just what they need. Your advertising space!

OIOPublisher works. 24/7

We can now rest assured that even when we’re asleep, any advertiser that’s looking to buy ad space with us is being served. The fully automated system lets them upload their banners, input their links and request the sponsored reviews without us having to touch a button. The process for payment is also fully automated, and as soon as PayPal verifies a payment, a banner gets queued and all you need to do is click on approve when you wake up so the banner goes live! The OIOPublisher plugin keeps track of when a banner or link was published and just before the time frame of the purchase ends, it will automagically notify the advertiser via email if they’d like to renew their advertising. If not, the banner or link will expire, and a slot will open up instantly for a new advertiser to jump on the bandwagon.

We’d love to go into the details of how the OIOPublisher plugin works, but its simply too much for one blogpost, the possibilities to customize the system to your needs are overwhelming at first, but as soon as you’ve figured it out, there’s no way you’ll want to use anything else ever again for your ad sales.

So for whoever is still reading this, just to find out how much all this will cost you; No more than $37! This gives you the right to use the plugin on as many blogs as you hown, there’s no limit!To top it off, OIOPublisher is using it’s own affiliate system and will pay you 50% of all sales that you can make! We know, it’s insane. The amount of wordpress plugins out there that are 5 times more expensive and can do 10 times less is unbelievable. We consider the one time fee of $37 a tip. Not a payment. Get your OIOPublisher plugin now and start earning your money for yourself and nobody else!


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