* Don’t Ever Trust An Outsider* The Most Handsome Man In The World

I attempt to create a buzz with a blog and I should have a blog.Every webmaster does it. 🙂  To keep simple, This blog is dedicated for what I believe in my opinion as a webmaster, gadgets geek, internet marketer and as a blogger. 

The blog focus is all about the internet. It can be vary but the most will be about it. And this blog will not last since I was attempting to buy a cool domain name for it. 

So, who’s behind?

I’m Ahmad Uzair, a government management staff at Economic Planning Unit. And from 5-? , I established myself as a blogger, internet marketer, and a founder.  

What is The Purpose? 

Because I like blogging.And blog be my middle medium of fuckcinating stories or rants about all the weblogs or gadgets or even technology.

Why You Must Like Me And My Blog?

Because I was so hot even Tom Cruise had to beg me to not go audition for Mission Impossible casting. Look at my picture for proof. I was a funny,flirty, sexy and tough person you will meet.You never regret this statement as long as you a human and not a Bot or Freak.




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