Advertlets Into The DeadPool?

What happen to Advertlets? They was one of the leading advertising company in Malaysia and also Singapore, but then had their own domain name expired? How this could be?The was something wrong with going around.

advertlets down


Every Advertlets publisher facing a problem that when user come to their site, they will be redirect to other pages.This problem take on this day and the solution is to remove the code from your blog.

By the way, I had contacted Josh Lim about that but the answer are not convincing me at all.He said that they was a slight problem with Advertlets right now. Be my guess, I taught they was running out of money at all, and could be the possibilities the problem came from the insider.

But what happened today for Advertlets seriously could kill their brand even if they come back.So, Advertlets will be in the deadpool, at least now.But even Josh Lim Advertlets wreck up right now, he also will feature at the Star Education Fair 2008 on Jan 12, when he speaks on animation graphics during the education and career talk on “Exploring Options in the ICT World”. While bloggers struggles to get their blog up again, this super duper cool CEO nicely featured in The Star – Then forget to renew the domain

Anyway,here is the link for the news.

*update: Josh Lim had bring a news that you can see below:

We’ll be back shortly! As mentioned there was a complication with the domain, and we are working to resolve it. Its working partially now in some areas.

So,as you might be thinking right now, they were not at the deadpool yet, but could this issue be forget by their publishers? So Josh Lim, they will be a hard time for you guys at the Advertlets, but I’m sure you could make it through.



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4 responses to “Advertlets Into The DeadPool?

  1. We’ll be back shortly! As mentioned there was a complication with the domain, and we are working to resolve it. Its working partially now in some areas.

  2. xbrain

    wow..mcm amik dari innit jer..jgn lupa nang it..aku yang post..LOL

  3. uzairubiah83

    Hope to see you overcome this situation Josh..

  4. uzairubiah83

    Whai X-Brain, bukan bermakna awak yang tau dulu,bermakna setiap post pasal advertlets perlu ade link ke blog awak.Saya tak pernah pergi pun blog awak dan tak tahu menahu pun awak ader post pasal advertlets.

    Aku tahu ni pasal ader orang e-mail sendiri kat aku bagitahu dan aku terus contact Josh Lim pasal ni.Dan post aku bukan scrap dari content ko atau dari maner-maner sunber.Baca dengan teliti.

    Kalau ader yang samer,aku minta maaf.Aku bukan jenis tak hormat content orang.Kalau ko pegi kat blog aku di, aku akan linkkan kepada sumber berita yang aku dapat.Harap maaf, aku tak nak nang ko.

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