New Year Resolution-2008 Ultimate List

Sincerely, I never make a resolution like this before in my life and this will be new and *tough* to me. And perhaps Allah S.W.T will praise me and guide me to achieve what I want this year.

1)  Getting Married

– This could never be prolong anymore. I already can’t wait to get married with my fiance right now. We was trying 4 years in a row to get this and now, I hope this year our dream will come true. Before this, money be the problem and until now, it also because of money.But now, it only a minor and I will keep pushing myself to the limit to get this goal to be achieved.

2) Blog, Site

– After I sold my blog in November last year, I regret that it was the heart-breaking moment in my life. I knew it could be better and for this time, I just not looking back either. The first thing in my schedule was to buy domains for this blog, for my media company that will take care everything,my media blog and site networks, my ads system for taking care all the ads media sales, and for my new affiliate site.

This will be a huge efforts and will include a vast amount of money and for that, I do loan with CIMB for RM 5000 or $ 1500++ for the equivalent amount in USD. There was only 3 persons now working in my online company and I do want more.But with the tiny little budget, we can’t do nothing until we get achieved our company target for this year.

3) Gain More Knowledge

– This year, I will get my LCCI Diploma In Accounting because this will get me a higher emolument for my salary in the government sector. Take an exam as private candidate and shoot up to take the Level 3 papers. I had buy the books and it seems not to differ form my syllabus before.

4) Working on my ideas

– Ideas only can’t make you go anywhere.Execution of the ideas is the important part. You never really knows until you try.Fail or succes is a parody. One of them will be a social site that currently take the most of my sleep time now. A very new social stigma that had a better feature for all users and never compromise with the user security information. Traffic will not be the only sole way, the quality one will assured. And it will not be a dumb social site like Zed said in his so fucking awesome blog post.

5) Managing my expenses well

– This could be important part as I was a pathetic person when managing my money although my major was accounting. Last month was my tragedic moment. I never knew that last month total expenses was RM 2100 and it was so strive when you aware that you just had a new mobile phone, 2 pairs of clothes and pants, 1 boxer, and a new 4 GB Apacer Pendrive and the total for all of this was RM 1300. So, where’s my others money being flush? I will take care for this now.

6) Buy myself a car, I mean my car.

-Now I’m using my brother car.And I target a MyVi for me. Don’t ever try to change my will for this.

7) Be A Good Person

-I’m 25 years old and now, whatever I do, I will make sure I’m think twice before do it. Only I know how bad I am.

8) Surely, To Gain More Readers

– Come on lads, my blog was the best to read,to comment, and to hack.So please feel free to be my loyal readers. I set a goal for 5000 unique visitors per month this year.


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