My Farewell Post To Digg

So, now we had a fair competition.There’s been a so long time for “team-voting” method by the diggers to help their digg post go to the frontpage. After the boss change the rules, not everybody are happy with that.

They’re not happy because Digg begin to be democratic.So far, I like the way of this new voting algorithm.Now we can say that not the popular blog or site will hit the frontpage only.


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At last..

At last, now you can go to and that was accomplished without a hassle. This will be no other start-up by me as I was been with my previous blog and now be the contributor there.

So, there’s a no turn back from me this time. With lots and lots of information to share with you all guys, lets make the blog as social as it can be. I also purchased another 4 domain names for my company, web network, tech news, and photo image sharing blog.

All it will be develop form time to time and I will announce it when it get ready. So, check it out for my first post there soon.

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This Blog Will Be Switched

I had buy a new domain name and hosting for it and after this, this blog no longer be update.Stat tuned for the url in the next last post.

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Why It’s So Hard To Get To The Frontpage Of Digg

I bet some of us are trying so hard to get our articles to be at the frontpage. Their voting system seem favor already famous blog like Techcrunch. Engadget,Gizmodo and many more mainstreams blog else. I’m admit that they oftenly provide good articles, but sometimes they also provide a crappy-not-hype articles abd still get biger and bigger.

The question is why it is so hard to get to the frontpage of Digg? I would like to know the answer from all the diggers. IMO, the answer is :


you are a loser

So the diggers, please spread your wisdom here and teach me how to get to the forntpage of Digg. I would like to received my first Digg Effect!

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Yahoo Will Be Overtake?

 yahooIt’s a hard desicion to loose some of your best employees for the stock-market stake that’s not in the proper heading.And far from the frustated shareholders, Jerry Yang doesn’t had any choice unless to eliminate about 10 or 20 percent of their 14000 Yahoo employees to save some large amount for the company.

Here is the issue with Yahoo: the founders Yang & Filo are nice guys. But they never *really* ran Yahoo. They created the original site alright, but today’s Yahoo resembles *that* original directory (remember that word?) about as much as a Boeing 747 resembles the Wright brothers plane. By comparison, what Brin and Page created is still at the heart of Google. It was really Tim Koogle & Jeff Mallet(remember them?) who assembled – that is the correct word – what is today Yahoo.The founders did not make the big decisions for the most part – Filo ran the nuts-and-bolts data center stuff, stuff like using BSD, run it on as little hardware as possible etc. for which I give him credit – but strategy and vision was all Koogle and Mallet, during the crucial late 90’s when Yahoo became Yahoo.

Understanding that history is crucial to understand Yahoo’s cultural DNA. I respectfully submit that neither founder has the breadth and depth to take on the challenge of turning Yahoo around. Sue Decker is Meg Whitman 2.0 – enough said.

Yang, who is in the hot seat now, is a smart guy, but at a very fundamental level, he doesn’t *know* who is *really* good and who is not at Yahoo, even among the executive ranks, leave alone in the crucial middle management. As an example, Jeff Bezos knows that to this day in Amazon.

I cannot emphasize how crucial that kind of knowledge is. Lacking that knowledge, you simply don’t know who to trust your key initiatives with. So what do you do? Simply play it safe, run everything by a committee, let Sue set up “metrics” and “process”, and trust that she knows what she is doing (the Meg Whitman types are impressive on the surface compared to the Bezos types, but compare EBAY vs AMZN over a 10 year period to know how that turns out).

The occasional (very occasional, I must add) cool stuff that comes out of Yahoo happens because there are still passionate Yahoos out there, but they are leaving at a rapid rate.

I am very pessimistic that any of this is going to change. I would love to have a Jeff Bezos in charge of Yahoo, but I guess he is happily married to Amazon.

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Gokita Should Be Nobita Instead!

Nufflets re-branded to Gokita.What a lame name it is.I had to blink my eyes twice to assure that the brand was true.And definitely it’s true.

The reason of change is to give the 4th advertising local company network an original and unique identity, avoiding being related directly or indirectly with their rivals, Advertlets, Nuffnang and GrabMyAds.

But IMHO, they should think a better name for it first before they launched it.Otherwise, he can name it whatever he want but Nabil, if you want to re-brand after this, you should consider my suggestion..Nobita.And seriously, you must all out man.Do more and more advertising, recruit web developer, programmer, designer soon to make over the whole site to look more better.

And of course, switch to your own ad script.That will be better. Otherwise, your development for the adscript can be sold to others if you had built one.I’m sorry Nabil, should be more impressive.

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Blogging Is Like..


Here are the Top 10 what blogging is like from 10 bloggers that rank in Top 10 Google Search.

1) Blogging is like watching grass grow

2) Blogging is like sex

3) Blogging is like football

4) Blogging is like cooking

5) Blooging is like excercise

6) Blogging is like fishing

7) Blogging is like jogging

8) Blogging is like life

9) Blogging is like golf

10) Blogging is like dating

Be free to read them..


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